Friday, 24 October 2014

Brympton House Wedding Reviews


By Guests of Anna and Martyn

Guest comments from the recent wedding of Anna and Martyn on 31st Otober 2009: Amazing day, amazing place and wonderful service. In all perfet!David Howe Fantastic! Mark H Quite exellent.A massive contribution bar management to a great evening! Charles Wyndham - father of the bride

Anna's wedding was a wonderful success.

By Charles Wyndham

Anna has just got back from her honeymoon and I wanted to thank you for all your efforts and all those at Brympton for making Anna''s wedding such a wonderful success. Brympton itself is a sensational place for a party but however wonderful a venue it is the people that make it. It is almost unfair to single out any names in particular, but Jonathon made a particularly splendid contribution as did Anita and Libby, but please pass on my thanks to everyone. I really do not think that the day could not have gone any better and much of that is down to your organisation and the attitude with which we were all treated which provided a delightfully relaxed but ordered event. Thanks go to Jane too who, like everyone else, did a terrific job. Many thanks indeed and every success into the future with your venture which given our experience cannot but succeed.

Fantastic Evening

A selection of comments from Anna and Martins wedding day. A fantastic evening, Brilliant Service, Thank you so much. Bar service great, thank you Anita - Jill Stubbs Excellent. xxx - Jessie James Terrific time and host. xxxx - Peter Bexhill

Extremely Friendly

By Karen

Anita was extremely friendly and made us feel very welcome. The service I received was wonderful and I would be happy to come again.

Memories that will continue for years.

By Anna Wyndham

Hi Sara, Libby, Jonathon Anita and everyone at Brympton, Just back from an amazing honeymoon and wanted to say a HUGE thank you, we had the most amazing wedding day ever and couldn''t have asked for anything else. Everyone went out of their way to welcome us all and then sort anything and everything out as and when it arose. Soo many happy memories for us both and got some fab photos including the booth photos, yes Sara and Jonathon, they are great and are now in our book!! A final huge thank you for such a great day, we haven''t stopped talking about all the different highlights since the day and I know that will continue for years to come. Thank you and keep in touch Anna and Martin Jones xx

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